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for the pleasure from saving the world. Irrespective of the fact that he makes some efforts to take a scientific distance from the apocalyptic air around the issue of global warming, he enjoys to be mentioned and respected as the savior of the world. Beard is seen the like in the Center. He believes himself to be of great use to the world located between the scientific circles, who are working for the benefit of the world. He does so with excess, when he dedicates almost all his working hours to his cause. He even ignores the fact that he has become a father. He disregards his own daughter Catriona; a treasure every sane man at his age always wishes for. The time that he really opens arm to her and feels the love of having his daughter is when the police has come to arrest him for the charges of theft of intellectual property. The police in fact have come to free him from the excess, which was ruining his personal life; the life that he had always wished for, the life which he could not make with Patrice.

In order to investigate the apocalyptic imaginations in McEwan’s novels, the researcher had to delve deep into the ideologies behind such belief. Therefore, a study on McEwan;s novels, namely Solar and Atonement, based on the Žižekian version of ideology criticism was inevitable. Three levels of ideology were applied on these novels following the very need to uncover the ideological layers in McEwan’s novels. The ideological levels were, therefore, suitably excavated.
The second problem in investigating the issue of apocalyptism in McEwan was to investigate how the imagination creeps into the character’s minds as well as their psychological statuses. So, a comprehensive analysis of character based on Žižekian ideas was applied on McEwan’s characters. The analysis successfully showed how competent the characters are to grasp the ideologies and acquire ideological ideas.
Finding answers to the above-mentioned problems, in this chapter the researcher tried to provide answers to the developing questions of ideology and subjectivity and prepared the ground for a full investigation on McEwan’s ideology of apocalypse studied in the next chapter.

Chapter Four: McEwan Haunted by Žižekian Apocalypse Drive

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