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The Relationship between Object Relations and Emotional Adjustment, Social Adjustment and Education Adjustment in Junior High School Girl Students

The present study examined the relationship between thematic relations and emotional adjustment, social adjustment and education adjustment in junior high school girl students.
This is a correlation study. In this study 235 junior girl students, 17-16 years old, were randomly selected from 10 girl’s high schools in Tehran District 3 in education year of 1391-1392. Bell Object Relations Inventory (BORI) and school adjustment questionnaire (AISS), were completed by the participants.
Showed a significant positive relationship between relationship compatibility issues there. (P 0.01) Object Relations in general can be a predictor of how adaptation. (β=0.42، sig. =0.00)
The relationship between the role of emotional adjustment, social and educational role and relationships of students are subject to adjustment.
Keywords: Object Relations, Adjustment (Emotional, Social, Educational)

1 Berger
2 Slubby
4 Sadock
5 Cicchetti,D.
6 Cohen,D,I.
7 distored
8 True self
9 False self
10 Maltz
12 Dunn
13 Iwata
14 Morison
15 Barlo
17 Sabshin
18 Sroufe
20 Furi
21 Hazan
22 Shaver
23 Cohn
24 Frued
25 Anderson
26 vin
27 Winnicott
28 self
29 Early interpersonal-developmental experiences
30 Mental template
31 Phenomenological experience
32 Charcter disorders
33 Specific developmental deficits
34 Corrective experiences
35 Kernberg
36 Engel
37 Holestic
38 Biopsychosocia Model
39 Kuhen
40 Conceptual
41 Bakal
42 Turp,M.
43 D.lee.B.kim.Epark.A.son
44 object relations
45 object
46 subject
47 St. Clair
48 Hansen
49 alienation
51 insecure attachment
52 ego centericity
53 social Incompetence
54 adjustment
55 A.K..Sinha
56 R.P.Singh
57 emotional adjusment
58 social adjusment
59 education adjusment
60 Berger
61 Alport
62 Mask theory
63 Subtance theory
64 interpersonl
65 Botlhaim
66 wish
68 Mahler
69 Furer
70 Anna Freud
71 Rene Spitz
72 Melani Klein
73 Winnicott
74 Fairbairn
75 Guntrip
76 Mahlre
77 Jacobson
79 repression
80 regression
81 reaction formation
82 isolation
83 annulment
84 introjection
85 projection
86 sublimation

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