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either. What is more, the Internet scares her. Marcia’s mom says, “If Marcia has a cell phone, how do we know whom she is talking to? Video games are bad for you. The Internet is dangerous and uncontrolled. It’s like having a gun in the house. We should just ban her from using the computer, and I’m not buying her a cell phone until she is eighteen. This is the only way we can be sure that Marcia is safe.”
Marcia’s dad disagrees with Marcia’s mom. Although he agrees that there are some dangers to it, he likes the Internet, and finds it to be very useful. “The trouble is,” he says, “We just can’t stop Marcia from using the Internet, as this would put her at a disadvantage. What is more, I like video games. I think that, when played in moderation, they are fun. Obviously, it is not good to play them without restraint or self-control. Finally, I think Marcia needs a cell phone. We can’t take these things away.”


1) Which of the following best describes the difference between Marcia’s mom and Marcia’s dad?
A. Mom wants to ban Marcia from using the computer, while dad likes to play video games.
B. Mom thinks technology is dangerous, while dad thinks it can be useful.
C. Mom cares little about Marcia’s future, while dad is very supportive.
D. Mom is very strict while Dad is open minded.

2) Which of the following best describes the similarity between Marcia’s mom and Marcia’s dad?
A. Mom and dad both like technology.
B. Mom and dad both think video games are bad.
C. Mom and dad both think the internet is dangerous.
D. Mom and dad both care about Marcia’s wellbeing.

3) In paragraph 1, Marcia’s mom says, “It’s like having a gun in the house.” She says this in order to
A. support the idea that the Internet is dangerous
B. reject the claim that guns can be safe if used responsibly
C. encourage Marcia’s dad to purchase a gun
D. explain why the Internet is uncontrolled
4) In paragraph 2, Marcia’s dad says, “We just can’t stop Marcia from using the Internet, as this would put her at a disadvantage.” What does Marcia’s dad mean by this?

A. Marcia needs to learn how to use the internet if she wants to have friends in the future.
B. Marcia should not stop using the internet because this will seriously slow her learning.
C. If a person’s ability to use the internet becomes important in the future, Marcia will be at a loss.
D. If Marcia does not learn to use the internet on her own, then she will never learn to recognize its dangers. 2
5) Marcia’s mom can best be described as
A. ridiculous
B. careful
C. cruel
D. rude

Appendix E: Beginner Argumentative Text 2

Direction: Read the passage. Then answer the questions below.

The dog
Many people who are looking to get a pet dog get a puppy. There are many reasons why people get puppies. After all, puppies are cute, friendly, and playful. But even though puppies make good pets, there are good reasons why you should consider getting an adult dog instead.
When you get a puppy, you have to teach it how to behave. You have to make sure that the puppy is housebroken so that it does not go to the bathroom inside the house. You have to teach the puppy not to jump up on your guests or chew on your shoes. You have to train the puppy to walk on a leash. This is a lot of work.
On the other hand, when you get an adult dog, there is a good chance that it will already know how to do all of the previously mentioned things. Many adult dogs have already been housebroken. Many adult dogs will not jump on or chew things that you do not want them to jump on or chew. Many adult dogs will be able to walk on a leash without pulling you to the other side of the street.
Puppies also have a lot of energy and want to play all of the time. This can be fun, but you might not want to play as much as your puppy does. Puppies will not always sleep through the night or let you relax as you watch television.
On the other hand, most adult dogs will wait on you to play. What is more, they will sleep when you are sleeping and are happy to watch television on the couch right beside you.
There is one last reason why you should get an adult dog instead of a puppy. When most people go to the pound to get a dog, they get a puppy. This means that many adult dogs spend a lot of time in the pound, and some never find good homes. So if you are looking to get a dog for a pet, you should think about getting an adult dog. They are good pets who need good homes.
1) The author apparently thinks that puppies are

A. bad pets because they take too much work to own
B. friendly, playful, and a lot of work
C. not as cute as adult dogs
D. not as playful as adult dogs

2) As used in paragraph 2, which is the best synonym for behave?

A. listen
B. understand
C. train
D. act

3) According to the passage, why are adult dogs easier to take care of than puppies?

I. Puppies need to learn how to walk nicely on a leash.
II. Adult dogs have less energy than puppies do.
III. It is harder for adult dogs to find a home than it is for puppies.

A. l only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I, II, and III

4) Based on information in the passage, which of the following statements is false?

A. Puppies have a lot of energy.

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